Aragon Yields Zero Points.

The third round of the World Superbike Championship, in Aragon Spain, did not prove to be be successful for Ondrej Jezek. In Saturday and Sunday’s races he finished in seventeenth place, failing to secure any points on both occasions. 

The anticipated improvement, over the last round, with calibrated electronics did not materialise. At the same time it can be said that there was a least some progress, in as much as Ondra managed to complete the entire weekend covering a good number of miles. The bottom line, however, was that the Spanish races simply failed to meet expectations.

“I’m very sad about it all. The bike was behaving differently than before and finally I was at least not afraid to ride it but unfortunately we still couldn’t get it set up optimally. Immediately from the start on  Friday I was losing a lot on corner exit and these are absolutely crucial for a fast lap time. Corner entry, though, was as good as I had hoped and I didn’t lose anything there. Those exits, however, destroyed any hope for a decent lap time. I had a good start on Sunday’s race, passing many people but they soon got back ahead of me. I at least had some joy in taking Leonov’s scalp but he had a lot of problems with his front tire. Assen awaits us in a week. I believe that it will be better and we will get closer to our goal, of being in the group fighting for 10th place. For now though the gap is really crazy, ”

Round four of the World Superbike Championship will be held next weekend on April 20-22 at Assen, Netherlands

Race one results:
1. J. REA                GBR        Kawasaki ZX-10RR       31’38.578
2. C. DAVIES          GBR        Ducati Panigale R           + 1.450
3. X. FORÉS            ESP        Ducati Panigale R           + 1.473
4. M. MELANDRI      IT          Ducati Panigale R           + 6.108
5. VAN DER MARK    NED      Yamaha YZF R1              + 8.932

17. O. JEŽEK          CZE          Yamaha YZF R1        +58.926

Race two results:
1. C. DAVIES           GBR      Ducati Panigale R        33’29.519
2. J. REA                 GBR        Kawasaki ZX-10RR      + 1.184
3. M. MELANDRI       IT          Ducati Panigale R        + 4.584
4. A. LOWES            GBR      Yamaha YZF R1            + 10.251
5. VAN DER MARK    NED      Yamaha YZF R1            + 10.687

17. O. JEŽEK          CZE          Yamaha YZF R1       +56.590

Overall championship standings: 
1. J. REA                114 points
2. CHAZ DAVIES     102 points
3. M. MELANDRI     96 points
4. X. FORÉS           76 points
5. A. LOWES          70 points

21. O. JEŽEK            1 point

Foto: mpafoto